Work Injury Recovery With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Treatments for Work Injury Recovery Blaine, MNBeing injured at work can seem like the worst possible scenario, especially when you consider that you’ll have to take time off to heal, risking your reputation at work. The good news is that work injuries aren’t your responsibility; through workers’ compensation, you can receive company insurance-covered work injury treatments that will ensure that you don’t have to cover your own medical costs for an accident that happened at work. So don’t wait to seek medical help; invest your time into your work injury recovery now to make sure that your injuries don’t worsen over time, making them more difficult to treat completely or quickly.

Repetitive Stress Injury Treatment

Some of the most common work injuries are what are called repetitive stress injuries, otherwise known as repetitive motion injuries. As the name suggests, repetitive stress injuries are caused when you habitually place repeated strain on one area of your body. Because we typically perform the same tasks every day at work, using our muscles in the same ways for hours at a time each day, we all tend to suffer from some form of repetitive strain. Sometimes it may manifest into an injury. A stiff neck, for instance, could be caused by repeatedly straining your neck at work. Sometimes it’s something you might solve by massaging your neck yourself throughout the day, but other times this isn’t enough. Repetitive stress back injuries are also common workplace injuries, often caused by habitually sitting in one position at a desk or by lifting heavy objects that gradually strained your back too much for your muscles to bear. This can result in an injury. To prevent repetitive stress injuries, it’s best to break up your habitual daily activities as much as possible. Try to find ways to build your strength in particularly strained areas of your body.

Insurance Covered Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic spinal adjustments are often used in treating work injuries. Back injuries are a common form of work injury seen by chiropractors. The benefits of chiropractic care for back pain treatment and back injury recover are numerous, helping to relieve muscular and nervous tension by realigning your spine. Spinal and extremity adjustments are used to realign the vertebrae in your back and neck, which ensures that your entire body is lined up as it should be. If your work injury was caused by poor alignment, or if your work injury has resulted in poor spinal or extremity motion, chiropractic adjustments will quickly remedy the problem so that you can heal quickly from your injury and move forward.

Massage Therapy Work Injury Recovery

Massage therapy is another work injury treatment we offer at our chiropractic center, which is used to provide injury pain relief throughout the body and in specific areas affected by your work injury. Like chiropractic care, massage therapy is capable of relieving nervous and muscular tension, improving range of motion and circulation, reducing inflammation, and helping your body relax so that it can heal more readily.

Acupuncture Work Injury Treatments

Acupuncture has been known to be a useful back, neck, and extremity pain relief solution, used in treating several types of injuries, including repetitive stress injuries and work injuries. With acupuncture, we are able to focus our healing efforts on specific sources of your body’s pain and treat injuries directly at their center to promote faster, more complete work injury recover.

Preventing Work-Related Injuries

If you’re recovery from a work injury and want to prevent work injuries in the future, simply going through the phases of treatment we can provide to you will help you immensely. Our natural injury treatments, including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and acupuncture, double as work injury prevention solutions. By continuing in your chiropractic care, receiving sports injury treatments and sports injury prevention chiropractic care, adopting corrective exercises to help improve your strength, and following the guidelines below, you can help yourself prevent work injuries in the future by building your strength and preparing your body for repetitive stresses.

Lift heavy objects with your legs, not your back. When you left with your back, you’re applying a large amount of force to your lower back, which is never advisable and will always create unnecessary strain. To prevent work injuries caused by heavy lifting, always be sure to lift with your legs and allow your back to rest.

When sitting in one position for hours on end every day, as you might do with a desk job, take the time to stand walk around, and be sure that you have an officer chair with proper lumbar support so that your back isn’t supporting itself all day without a break just so that you can sit up straight.

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