Can Chiropractic Care Help Headaches?

There seem to be as many causes of headaches as there are people who experience them. Familiar categories of causes range from stress and dehydration to incorrect eyeglasses prescriptions and having to do a lot of night driving. Most of us experience a headache from time to time, and because we know that, for most of us, headaches are a temporary, if unpleasant, inconvenience, the solution most is over the counter medication. Looked at over a longer period of time, however, may show you that you experience headaches more frequently than you realized, at which point over the counter medication becomes more of a concern. Catalyst Chiropractic & Rehab offers a number of treatments that can decrease the frequency and lessen the intensity of headaches.

Chiropractic Care For Many Different Types Of Headaches

People of a certain age will be familiar with the term ‘tension headache.’ A tension headache is the result of stress that is held in the muscles of the neck and shoulders, and even though the term itself may be a bit dated and conjure memories of television commercials from the 1970s, they remain a real phenomenon that disrupts the lives of millions of people in the 2020s.

Migraine headaches work on an entirely different level. A migraine headache can be, for some people, completely debilitating. Migraines are often characterized by sensitivity to light and sound, the inability to focus, and of course intense pain. Over the counter medication tends to do very little to relieve the sufferer from the symptoms of a migraine headache. Because migraines can be unpredictable as to when they will strike, and how forceful they will be when they strike, the disruption to the lives of sufferers can be significant.

Minnesota Chiropractor Specializing In Headache Relief

Chiropractic care can help, and in many cases, it can eliminate migraine headaches. A Chiropractic adjustment contributes to lessening the impact of migraines by realigning the spine, which reduces the likelihood of holding stress in the neck and shoulders. So many of us work at our computers for many hours each day, and this creates the conditions for poor posture. Chiropractic adjustment alleviates much of the pressure that builds over time. Similarly, massage relaxes the muscles that support the spine, making our computer time less likely to create muscle tension. And acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair the damage done by stress. Each treatment initiates a feeling of wellness, which can go a long way toward preventing the next headache, migraine or common headache.

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