Effective Carpal Tunnel Treatments With Chiropractic CareCarpal Tunnel Syndrome is an all-too-common condition that causes aches, pains, weakness, and oftentimes numbness in the wrist, hands, and fingers. Oftentimes the only suggested solutions to deal with Carpal Tunnel is to have surgery or take long-term prescribed medications. Chiropractic care, however, offers a non-invasive alternative that is proven to be safe and effective, and offers long-term relief of symptoms.

What is the Carpal Tunnel and how do I know if I have the condition?: The carpal tunnel is a passageway in the wrist that contains a narrow opening in which the median nerve passes through. The pains associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome come when the nerve is compressed in this area. If this happens to you, you will experience weakness in the affected hand(s) and fingers, aches or pain that extends from the fingers all the way up to the shoulder, and tingling, burning, or numbness in the hands and fingers. Symptoms may appear mild at first but grow in intensity over time. When the condition worsens, patients will experience hard times performing fine motor tasks or gripping things firmly. It is possible, without treatment, to suffer permanent nerve damage.

How can a Chiropractor help my wrist?: A common misconception is that Chiropractors only deal with neck and back conditions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Chiropractors are trained medical professionals that deal with any joint in the body. They can assess the alignment of the body and determine the best place to make adjustments to relieve pressure on neighboring joints. By mobilizing and aligning the bones and joints in the wrist and hand, normal functionality can be restored, and the tingling and numbness will dissipate if not disappear altogether.

What can a chiropractor do for my carpal tunnel?: Your Chiropractor will develop a care plan that is unique to your needs and based on the progression of the syndrome. There are several techniques that a Chiropractor can use, and they may employ more than one technique to achieve the desired results. Some of the most common treatment techniques include manipulation of the upper spine, shoulders and arms, ultrasound therapy, therapeutic stretches, and usage of wrist supports.

Chiropractic Care For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome In Blaine MN

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