Getting Chiropractic Treatments While Pregnant | Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Blaine MinnesotaMany people have asked, “Can I still get chiropractic care while I’m pregnant?” The answer is, “Absolutely!” Many expectant women understand the many benefits of taking care of their bodies during pregnancy to protect the baby (avoidance of smoking, alcohol, and certain medications), but what about caring for yourself. The stress of the pregnancy can cause muscle tensions, the added weight in the belly can pull on the spine (causing subluxations), and the body can fall out of alignment. Regular chiropractic visits are not only okay, but they are encouraged!

Relieve Extra Tension Due to Pregnancy

The average female experiences many hormonal changes during the pregnancy. These changes cause many different physical and emotional reactions in the body and can lead to levels of increased stress. The stress can come from a variety of sources via the general discomforts of being pregnant, such as dealing with morning sickness, constipation, headaches/migraines, back aches, and body aches. Chiropractic care and adjustments can restore blood flow and ease tensions throughout the body

Prevent & Repair Spinal Subluxations

Vertebral/spinal subluxations (vertebrae that are out of place) are quite common during pregnancy. As the belly grows and pulls forward, the back and shoulders typically get positioned further back to compensate. This equates to back aches for sure, but such positioning can cause a subluxation to occur. Chiropractic care is the best method to relieve pain caused by subluxations, as chiropractic teams are specialized in this type of care.

Continue Chiropractic Care Throughout Pregnancy

Regular care from a chiropractor can help to decrease the pains associated with typical pregnancies. By keeping the mother healthier and free of pain, the immune system can function at peak performance. This translates to the baby as well, and will boost the baby’s immune system, as well. To top all of this off, regular chiropractic care has been known to decrease labor pain and overall labor time due to having proper spinal and pelvic alignment.

Post-Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Continuing chiropractic care following birthing can help to ensure the spine is returned to a normal position. Having spinal adjustments or scheduling chiropractic massage can help to eliminate pains that arise, due to the normal work that is associated with caring for a newborn.

If you are pregnant, or planning for pregnancy, allow the team of experienced chiropractors at Catalyst Chiropractic partner with you to ensure you and baby are as healthy as possible. Call (763) 205-3781 or email to schedule a consultation today!