Massage Therapy For Tension Relief Near Blaine, MNMillions of people suffer from tensions in their bodies that culminates from stresses that are put on us every day. Could be stress from family or home life, stress from work, could be stress from getting projects done by a certain time, traffic. The list is endless. There are no known medications that relieve the entire body of muscle tensions. And yet, if not attended to, the pent-up tension can lead to body aches, headaches, and migraines. So, what does one do for this tension? The answer could be simple, massage therapy. There is no “one size fits all ” therapeutic regimen, but several methods and techniques are employed to ensure that you can be as tension-free as possible.


Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine and works by isolating the tensions within the meridians of the body and applying targeted pressure. By locating the “ashy points” or trigger points, blockages can be cleared, restoring a free flow of energy. It can be compared to acupuncture, but rather than inserting needles, finger points and various other instruments are used.

Swedish massage

One of the more popular methods of stress relief, Swedish massage targets the superficial muscular layers that are oftentimes associated with minor aches and pains due to stress-related tension. A deep-tissue massage would focus on the next layer and connective tissues. Swedish massage is aimed at relaxation and increasing blood flow.

Hot stone massage

Heat has long been used to relieve muscle tensions. This technique of massage therapy employs smooth stones that are heated to 130-145oF and placed in targeted areas along your spine, stomach, chest, feet, and hands. The targeted heat causes the muscles to relax, allowing the massage therapist to work the tensions out of the muscles more efficiently.

Head and shoulder massage

A vast majority of the tensions in the body that result from stress presents itself in the head, neck, and shoulder areas. When you don’t have the time to dedicate for a full hour-long massage, this is a quicker, yet still effective, means of finding relief from stress-related tension.


Studies have shown that smells elicit certain physiological responses within the body. By incorporating aromatherapy into a massage session, either through a diffuser for inhalation or by adding essential oils to the massage lotion, the boy is better able to relax and may even have a mood-altering effect.

On-site certified massage therapists

There are many places one could go to receive massages, but for true pain management, look no further than Catalyst Chiropractic and Rehab in Blaine, MN. The team of certified massage therapists work with your specific needs to achieve the best results possible. If stress has gone beyond muscle tension and is causing pains, the chiropractic staff can work to incorporate other techniques, alongside massage therapy for a whole-body result. To learn more about massage therapy and how to relieve your stress-related tensions, call (763) 205-3781 today.