Minimizing Back Pain While Working From HomeFor many people, working from home is now their normal way of doing business. While there are a lot of perks to this new landscape of remote work, you may also be noticing some impacts on your body now that you are working out of a home office every day. More and more people have been experiencing back pain because of uncomfortable office chairs or being forced to work from places like the couch or their bed, rather than a proper ergonomic setup.

Create An Ergonomic Workspace

When you are arranging your desk’s essentials, keep important things within your arm’s reach. A space is considered ergonomic when a person can reach out to all the things he or she needs, without straining their muscles. Following proper working ergonomics will help to encourage good posture.

Choose The Right Office Chair

You can experiment with different chairs and positions to achieve this, but your elbows should sit at a comfortable angle with your desk. There should be two to four inches of space between your calves and the front of the chair, which is ergonomically correct, and a very comfortable sitting position. Ergonomic chairs have adjustable armrests which can help prevent slouching.

Consider The Height Of The Computer Monitor

Make sure that your screen is at a height that puts it at eye level. This prevents you from bending your neck forward, which places tension on the neck and back.

Practice Good Posture

Working at a computer all day forces the body to sit in ways it was not designed to function, which places stress on the spine and can lead to misalignments. This can lead to long-term spinal problems, and the stress and pressure may interfere with nerve function and lead to the back pain that many people experience.

Take Regular Breaks

Get up and stretch at least every hour. Sitting in one place for too long can be harmful, so even pacing around the room can help. You can set alarms to remind you time has passed.

When You Experience Back Pain…

Despite your best efforts, you may find that you end up with a sore back anyway, and that’s where the specialists at Catalyst Chiropractic and Rehabilitation come in. For minor muscle soreness, you may be able to treat it successfully at home with ice and heat. However, some back pain stems from structural problems, such as spinal misalignment, muscle spasms, trigger points, disc issues, and damaged ligaments. In these cases, we can treat you accordingly with chiropractic care, soft tissue treatments, massage therapy, exercise, rehabilitation therapy, and posture correction. If your back hurts, don’t ignore it – get help. Schedule an appointment by calling our friendly staff or booking online today.