Neurostimulation Therapy Benefits MNAt Catalyst Chiropractic & Rehab, our focus is on identifying the root cause of your pain and problems, so that we can put you on the path towards optimum health and wellness. We want everyone to be able to do what they love pain free. Here, we offer several different methods and treatments to both find and treat the root cause of your pain. Along with chiropractic care, rehab, acupuncture and massage therapy, we offer a therapy called neurostimulation.

Why Neurostimulation Therapy?

It’s no surprise that your body works as a whole. Every move you make takes a multitude of systems in order to successfully fire. For example, to wave your arms, it takes your skeletal, muscular and nervous systems to successfully raise the arm and say hello. Neurostimulation therapy aims at both your nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Through reflexes and electrical muscle stimulation, it is able to reset poor compensation patterns and align them with the proper muscle movement that goes along with it. If your body has been doing poor movements, resetting those neuromuscular patterns allows your body to then do what it was intended to do, alleviating pain and raising the bar for your body’s performance.

Faster Healing Times

During neurostimulation therapy, many athletes have begun to notice faster healing rates for their bodies. When coupled with nutrition and exercise recommendations, our clients have begun to optimize their neurological and musculoskeletal connections a lot faster. As they enhance in their recovery, they are also optimizing their performance in their particular sports as well as their daily activities of living. When we focus on faster healing and recovery, we begin to heal, get stronger and can continue to focus on injury prevention.

Identifying Trigger Points

If you have problem areas, our professionals will work with you to determine the best course of action. Along with our other methods of therapy, we may include neurostimulation. During therapy, we will find the origin of the pain or problem. If we identify an area that could benefit from neurostimulation, we will place a pad over the hot spot and have our client go through specific motions. This ultimately aids in releasing or freeing up the trigger points, allowing for healing.

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