Neurostimulation Therapy To Accelerate HealingChronic pain is a far more common issue for people than most of us realize. Our society’s response to pain tends to cause us to play down the pain, especially if it is chronic pain. Letting others know that we may be in pain can be perceived as complaining, and we have little tolerance for complainers. But if you suffer from chronic pain, you know that it can become intolerable. Catalyst Chiropractic, however, has one innovative solution for you: Neurostimulation Therapy.

What Is Neurostimulation Therapy?

People who are good candidates for neurostimulation therapy are those looking to accelerate healing, correct injury patterns and improve performance. There are a whole host of different neurostimulators on the market, but the team at Catalyst Chiropractic has worked hard to find the device that we think offers the best ability to produce the specialized waveforms that are required to enhance the body’s ability to perform its own natural process of healing.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain or having trouble rebounding from sports injuries, neurostimulation can be a great way to recover quicker and help your body to produce the neuromuscular changes necessary to feel less pain and to even boost your performance.

Neurostimulation Healing Process

Before we can determine if you can benefit from neurostimulation we perform a series of tests to ensure your muscles will be able to absorb the signals from the specialized neurological stimulus device that we use. Once we have determined that you’re a good candidate we can then locate the origin of the physiological symptoms you’re experiencing. We then use the neurological stimulus device coupled with movement to help reeducate the nervous system and reopen lines of communication between cells and the brain to help improve inflammation and scar tissue throughout the affected areas.

Managing Pain And Injury With Neurostimulation Therapy

If you have been dealing with chronic pain or injury, the promise of a treatment option like neurostimulation therapy may be something that will work for you. We want to make sure, however, that every treatment option in consideration is chosen for medically sound reasons. Every treatment option requires thoughtfulness and professionalism before actually providing the treatment. When even the most minimally invasive procedure is considered, it is all the more important to be as fully informed as possible.

If you have suffered from chronic back pain or a sports injury, we can help you determine if neurostimulation therapy is a good choice for you. Contact us at (763) 205-3781 to learn more.