Non-Invasive Treatment For HeadachesMost people understand what it means to have a headache and only experience them only every so often. The intensity of those headaches can range from mild to extreme, and most people who get the occasional headache find relief in some kind of over the counter pain reliever. Others, however, experience headaches more frequently, or greater intensity, or both. There is actually a wide range in how we experience headaches, with the variables most often occurring in frequency and intensity. Catalyst Chiropractic can help you understand the cause of your headaches and find ways to help you reduce both the frequency and intensity of the headaches you experience.

Relieve Your Headaches Without Medication

Some headaches are caused by congestion in the nasal passages or by exposure to smoke from a fireplace or campfire. Those kinds of headaches will usually go away on their own, and almost always after the source of the congestion has been removed from the nasal passages. Unfortunately, not all headaches resolve so simply. The cause of other headaches often requires the help of a professional, such as the staff of Catalyst Chiropractic & Rehab Center. If the pain of your headaches cannot be relieved by blowing your nose or using a saline spray, and if they increase in either frequency or intensity (or both), your headaches really should be addressed by a professional healthcare provider.

A very effective first step in relieving headache pain is massage therapy. Catalyst Chiropractic & Rehab Center offers massage therapy, a method of headache pain relief that is proven to be effective and is non-invasive, meaning that you are not treating it with medication. Headaches can be caused by the accumulation of tension in the muscles and nerves in the neck and head. Massaging the muscles of the shoulders and neck offers an immediate release of tension, which can result in an immediate reduction of headache pain. The action of massaging muscles breaks up lactic acid, which then circulates through the body. The immune system recognizes the waste product as a foreign body and jumps into action. Your body is actually curing itself of your headache.

Headache And Migraine Treatment, MN

In cases involving greater frequency of headache, or pain that indicates that the headaches are migraines, we can offer both acupuncture and a chiropractic adjustment. Each treatment reduces the likelihood that your headaches will continue to be as severe or as frequently experienced. If you have been experiencing headaches that reduce your quality of life in any way, call us at (763) 205-3781 and we will schedule an appointment for you to come into our clinic.