Safe And Effective Pain Relief During PregnancyWhile pregnant, the individual expecting a child just wants their kid to be healthy when they come out of the womb. If you are currently pregnant and are struggling with the pain that occurs during a pregnancy, our team at Catalyst Chiropractic & Rehab wants you to know that there are safe and effective ways to achieve pain relief during your pregnancy.

Natural Comfort During A Pregnancy

It is amazing how the body constantly changes during a pregnancy. For that reason, the pain can be excruciating for some individuals. Through our holistic medical treatments during pregnancy, we can help improve your overall circulation throughout the body from head to toe. Whether it is helping to reduce your swelling, reducing your nausea and vomiting, helping with your back pain or even helping reduce the likelihood of postpartum depression, our natural medical treatments available to you cannot be passed up. Not only can we help you achieve natural comfort during your pregnancy, but our services can help you have a safer, quicker and easier delivery when your baby is finally ready to enter this world.

Treatment Options During Pregnancy

The two primary holistic treatment methods that we utilize for individuals that are pregnant include chiropractic care and prenatal massage therapy. Chiropractic care can be utilized throughout the pregnancy to help achieve natural pain relief. Additionally, chiropractic care can be provided during labor as well. This treatment option during labor provides pain relief, can increase the likelihood of a safe birth and can even shorten your length of labor as well. This treatment is also used to decrease the amount of pain medication or labor inducing medications that you’ll need. Prenatal massage therapy provides natural pain relief during a pregnancy. Our massage therapy treatments have commonly reduced headaches, increased blood flow and reduced inflammation.

You don’t have to tackle the pain that you are currently experiencing during your pregnancy on your own. Instead, our dedicated medical professionals hope that you choose to partner with our holistic medical team at Catalyst Chiropractic & Rehab. Seeing our patients experience a pleasant pregnancy and delivery is something that we have such a passion for. We are eager to provide you safe and effective pain relief during your pregnancy, so give our dedicated team a call today at (763) 205-3781 or shoot us an email at to schedule a prenatal care appointment in the near future.