Stress ReliefStress is more present in our lives now than ever before. In fact, the amount of stress we are under has grown significantly in just the last year. Our jobs have changed, our kids are at home doing school virtually, many feel isolated by having to limit our social interactions. All of these factors contribute to a higher collective level of stress than we might ever have experienced before. Catalyst Chiropractic & Rehab can help you combat this stress and develop strategies for managing the issues you face in a healthy way.

You may already know that the kinds of stress listed above can manifest in different ways, and by “different ways” we mean in different parts of our bodies. Emotional and psychological stress can appear as muscle tension or in illness from depressing the immune system. Holding physical stress in our muscles and skeletal system can result in back pain, neck pain, and of course headaches.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment To Reduce Stress

Chiropractic care is a highly effective way to reduce stress, and the real benefit of chiropractic care is that it addresses the underlying sources of pain and discomfort. Unlike so many other approaches to stress and pain relief, it does not simply treat the symptoms. Massage is one common treatment for reducing stress. Massaging tense muscle tissue is soothing because it breaks up lactic acid build-up and incites the immune system to attack the toxins that are released by the actions associated with massage. We feel better during and after a massage because our bodies engage in chemical processes that are literally making us healthier.

Chiropractic adjustments are another treatment option that can reduce stress. By aligning the spine, chiropractic adjustment helps the skeletal system achieve its more natural balance. The result is better posture, which allows body parts—for example, your neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles—to carry less stress. Clients often report feeling “lighter” after an adjustment. What they are experiencing is simply better balance in their skeletal system.

Reduce Stress In A Healthy Way

If you have experienced a fall or if you have been in a car accident, seeking treatment from a chiropractic office may be a natural response. However, if you have been experiencing increased stress as a result of a slower and more gradual process, it may not immediately occur to you that chiropractic care could help you. Our team is here to tell you that it can. Call us at (763) 205-3781 to schedule an appointment.