Tech Neck Or Text NeckSure, you might call work related emails in the middle of the night a “pain in your neck.” But for some people, they cause a literal pain in the neck. At Catalyst Chiropractic, we understand this new-age problem that involves poor posture when using technology, such as phones, tablets, and computers. If you spend hours of your day hunched over a screen or sitting behind a desk, you’ll want to read on.

“Tech neck,” also referred to as “text neck,” is the act of stressing muscles while using phones, tablets, and computers, resulting in neck and shoulder pain, stiffness, and soreness. It’s a problem that’s getting worse. A recent study showed that Americans spent on average, just under 6 hours daily on digital media, including just over 3 hours a day completing non-voice activities on mobile devices.

How Tech Neck Happens

Usually, supporting the weight of your head is no problem for your shoulders and neck. However, when you throw an ergonomically incorrect chair into the mix as your head tilts down while you type an email, the load on your neck can more than quadruple—in other words, it’s like having multiple bowling balls on your neck at once!

The best way to combat tech neck is to correct your posture—and not just standing posture. How you sit when you’re browsing the web or working at a desk is incredibly important to your spinal health.

● Step 1: Keep your device at eye level instead of looking down. This may mean that you need to raise or lower your computer monitor as well as adjust the height of your chair.
● Step 2: Make sure your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle when seated and that your feet are planted firmly on the floor in front of you.
● Step 3: Give yourself a break. Every hour, stand up and move around to loosen your muscles and avoid unnecessary tension. This will help your neck and spine relax and give your eye muscles a break from the screen.

Chiropractic Care Is More Than Spinal Adjustment

With the right chiropractic care, patients have found immediate relief from neck pain whatever the cause. It is possible to be pain free with just a few treatments. From acupuncture to massage therapy to corrective exercise, there are options. The natural solutions provided by an experienced chiropractic team can both remedy your current neck pain and help strengthen your body to prevent pain in the future.

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