When To See A Chiropractor For SubluxationIn recent years the word “subluxation” has become a commonly used term in the chiropractic world. Subluxation is a term that is used when a joint doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, whether it’s simply not moving how it should or it’s misaligned. Subluxation leads to numbness, tingling, pain, and burning in that area of the body. A subluxation can happen to people of all ages and can occur in a variety of areas throughout the body.

Symptoms Of Spinal Subluxation

There are quite a few symptoms that can signal that you’re suffering from subluxation of the spine. Some of these include:
Pain in the back or neck – The pain can range in severity from mild discomfort to complete debilitation. If you’re experiencing chronic pain in your neck or back, it may be some misalignment of your spine.
Headaches – People experiencing these symptoms typically describe having “tension headaches.” Headaches caused by subluxation will seemingly pop up out of nowhere, and quite possibly even become migraine headaches.
An inability to move – The pain associated with spinal misalignment can make it feel impossible to move. It can sometimes result in difficulty performing a chore or task that is typically a lot easier. If you notice stiffness and your flexibility getting worse, go get your spine checked out.

Causes Of Subluxation

When the misalignment of joints occurs, it can happen at any time to people of all ages. The causes of subluxation vary, but there are three “T” s that are often considered the main cause. It’s important to identify the cause for effective subluxation treatment by a professional. These three “T” s include:
Trauma – Major trauma caused by falls or car accidents can cause subluxation of the spine. However, micro-traumas that happen every day can also contribute to the misalignment of your spine. Habits such as wearing a bag or purse on one side of your body, sleeping on your stomach, looking down at a computer for long periods of time, and wearing high heels can all contribute to subluxation.
Toxins – The imbalance of your body’s natural chemicals can be thrown off by a variety of toxic chemicals introduced via air pollution, processed foods, and chemicals in your home such as cleaning products. This imbalance causes your muscles to contract, which can lead to subluxation.
Thoughts (stress) – The thoughts of adults and young adults today have become increasingly more stressful. Those stressful thoughts can cause tension in your body, often in your neck and upper back. When these muscles become tight, they can cause subluxation.

Seeking Care For Subluxations

If you suspect that you have a subluxated joint, the most recommended solution is to see a chiropractor. Catalyst Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Blaine, MN has the capacity to provide a wide variety of treatment options for pain relief. Our staff will work hard to understand the source of your pain, how long you have been experiencing it and any other issues that you have noticed. We develop personalized treatment plans that include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, acupuncture, rehabilitation exercises and neurostimulation. You do not have to live with pain! If you would like to schedule an appointment and learn more about our chiropractic treatment options at our Blaine, MN clinic, give us a call at 763-205-3781.